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javascript-lodashHow can I determine the size of a JavaScript object using Lodash?

Using Lodash, you can determine the size of a JavaScript object with the size method. This method returns the number of own enumerable string keyed properties of an object.


const _ = require('lodash');

const obj = {
  firstName: 'John',
  lastName: 'Doe',
  age: 30

const size = _.size(obj);

Output example


Code explanation

  • const _ = require('lodash');: This line imports the Lodash library.
  • const obj = {...}: This line creates an object with three key-value pairs.
  • const size = _.size(obj);: This line uses the size method to determine the size of the object.
  • console.log(size);: This line logs the size of the object to the console.

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