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javascript-polymerHow do I use a JavaScript Polymerizator?

A JavaScript Polymerizator is a tool that can be used to combine multiple JavaScript files into one. It is useful for reducing the number of requests a web page needs to make, and can help speed up page loading times.

Example code

var Polymerizator = require('polymerizator');

var polymerizator = new Polymerizator({
  src: './src',
  dest: './dist'


This example code will take all the JavaScript files located in the ./src directory, and combine them into a single file located in the ./dist directory.

The code works in the following way:

  1. var Polymerizator = require('polymerizator'): this line imports the Polymerizator library from the polymerizator module.
  2. var polymerizator = new Polymerizator({...}): this line creates a new instance of the Polymerizator class, and passes in configuration options.
  3. polymerizator.build(): this line calls the build function on the Polymerizator instance, which will combine all the JavaScript files located in the src directory into a single file located in the dest directory.

For more information, please refer to the Polymerizator documentation.

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