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jqueryHow do I use jQuery to detect window resize events?

jQuery provides a resize() event for detecting when the browser window has been resized. The resize() event can be used on any element, but is most often used on the window object.

Below is an example of using the resize() event on the window object.

$(window).resize(function() {
  console.log('Window was resized');

When this code is run, the message Window was resized will be logged to the console every time the browser window is resized.

Code explanation

  1. $(window) - This is a jQuery selector used to select the window object.
  2. .resize() - This is a jQuery method used to bind an event handler to the resize event.
  3. function() - This is the event handler function that will be called when the resize event is triggered.
  4. console.log('Window was resized') - This is the code that will be executed when the resize event is triggered.

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