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mongodbHow to use MongoDB queue?

MongoDB queue is a queue system that uses MongoDB as its backend. It is a distributed queue system that allows for asynchronous processing of tasks.

Example code

from mongodb_queue import MongoDBQueue

# Create a queue
queue = MongoDBQueue('localhost', 27017, 'my_queue')

# Add a task to the queue

# Get a task from the queue
task = queue.get()

Output example


Code explanation

  • from mongodb_queue import MongoDBQueue: imports the MongoDBQueue class from the mongodb_queue module.
  • queue = MongoDBQueue('localhost', 27017, 'my_queue'): creates a MongoDBQueue instance with the given parameters.
  • queue.put('my_task'): adds a task to the queue.
  • task = queue.get(): gets a task from the queue.

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