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mongodbHow to use watch in MongoDB?

MongoDB's watch command is used to monitor the performance of a MongoDB instance. It provides real-time statistics on the server's operations, such as the number of operations, the amount of data read and written, and the number of connections.


> db.runCommand({ watch: 1 })
    "ok" : 1

The output of the command will be { "ok" : 1 } which indicates that the command was successful.

The watch command has several options that can be used to customize the output. These include:

  • start: Start the watch command.
  • stop: Stop the watch command.
  • reset: Reset the watch command.
  • verbosity: Set the verbosity level of the output.
  • filter: Filter the output to only show certain operations.

Detailed explanation of each option can be found in the MongoDB documentation.

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