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php-symfonyHow to use the validator in PHP Symfony?

The Validator component in PHP Symfony is used to validate data. It can be used to validate data from forms, databases, and any other source.

Example code

use Symfony\Component\Validator\Validation;

$validator = Validation::createValidator();
$violations = $validator->validate('Bernhard', array(
    new NotBlank(),
    new Length(array('min' => 10)),

if (0 !== count($violations)) {
    // there are errors, now you can show them
    foreach ($violations as $violation) {
        echo $violation->getMessage().'<br>';

Output example

This value is too short. It should have 10 characters or more.

Code explanation

  1. use Symfony\Component\Validator\Validation; - This line imports the Validation class from the Symfony Validator component.

  2. $validator = Validation::createValidator(); - This line creates a validator object.

  3. $violations = $validator->validate('Bernhard', array( new NotBlank(), new Length(array('min' => 10)), )); - This line validates the string 'Bernhard' against the NotBlank and Length constraints.

  4. if (0 !== count($violations)) { - This line checks if there are any violations.

  5. foreach ($violations as $violation) { echo $violation->getMessage().'<br>'; } - This loop prints out the violation messages.

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