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phpmailerHow do I use PHPMailer to send a file?

PHPMailer is a library for sending emails in PHP. To use it to send a file, you will need to include the library, create an instance of the PHPMailer class, and then call the addAttachment() method.

Example code

// Include the PHPMailer library

// Create an instance of the PHPMailer class
$mail = new PHPMailer();

// Set the from address
$mail->From = '[email protected]';

// Set the to address
$mail->AddAddress('[email protected]');

// Set the subject
$mail->Subject = 'Here is the file you requested';

// Attach the file

// Send the email

No output is produced by this example code.

The code consists of four parts:

  1. Including the PHPMailer library: require_once('PHPMailer/class.phpmailer.php');
  2. Creating an instance of the PHPMailer class: $mail = new PHPMailer();
  3. Setting the from and to addresses and the subject of the email: $mail->From = '[email protected]'; and $mail->AddAddress('[email protected]'); and $mail->Subject = 'Here is the file you requested';
  4. Attaching the file and sending the email: $mail->addAttachment('/path/to/file.pdf'); and $mail->Send();

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