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postgresqlHow do I show tables in PostgreSQL?

To show tables in PostgreSQL, you can use the command \d or \dt in the psql command line.

Example code


Output example

                 List of relations
 Schema |         Name         | Type  |  Owner
 public | customers            | table | postgres
 public | orders               | table | postgres
 public | products             | table | postgres
(3 rows)

The command \d will show all the tables, views, sequences, and foreign tables in the current database. The command \dt will only show the tables.

Parts of the code:

  • \d or \dt: These are the commands used to show the tables in PostgreSQL.
  • public: This is the schema of the database.
  • customers, orders, products: These are the names of the tables.
  • table: This is the type of the object.
  • postgres: This is the owner of the table.

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