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python-regexHow to match whitespace in Python regex?

To match whitespace in Python regex, use the \s character class. This character class matches any whitespace character, including spaces, tabs, and line breaks.

Example code

import re

text = "This is a test string"

pattern = re.compile(r"\s")

matches = pattern.finditer(text)

for match in matches:

Output example

<re.Match object; span=(4, 5), match=' '>
<re.Match object; span=(9, 10), match=' '>

Code explanation

  • import re: imports the re module, which contains the functions needed to work with regular expressions
  • text = "This is a test string": creates a string to use for testing
  • pattern = re.compile(r"\s"): creates a regular expression pattern that matches any whitespace character
  • matches = pattern.finditer(text): finds all matches of the pattern in the text
  • for match in matches:: iterates over all matches
  • print(match): prints out each match

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