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python-regexHow to match a plus sign in Python regex?

To match a plus sign in Python regex, use the + character. This character will match one or more of the preceding character. For example, the following code will match any string that contains one or more a characters:

import re

pattern = re.compile(r'a+')

string = 'aaabbbccc'

match = pattern.search(string)

if match:

Output example


The code consists of the following parts:

  1. import re - imports the re module which provides regular expression matching operations.
  2. pattern = re.compile(r'a+') - creates a regular expression pattern object with the pattern a+ which will match one or more a characters.
  3. string = 'aaabbbccc' - creates a string to match against.
  4. match = pattern.search(string) - searches the string for a match against the pattern.
  5. if match: - checks if a match was found.
  6. print(match.group()) - prints the matched string.

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