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python-scipyHow do I create a numpy array of zeros using Python?

Creating a numpy array of zeros using Python is simple. To do this, the numpy library must be imported.

import numpy as np

Then, a numpy array can be created using the zeros function, passing in the desired shape of the array as an argument. For example, to create an array of zeros with a shape of (2,3):

arr = np.zeros((2,3))


Output example

[[0. 0. 0.]
 [0. 0. 0.]]

The code can be broken down as follows:

  1. import numpy as np imports the numpy library, and assigns it the alias np for easy access.
  2. arr = np.zeros((2,3)) creates a numpy array of zeros with a shape of (2,3) and assigns it to the variable arr.
  3. print(arr) prints the array to the console.

For more information, see the Numpy Documentation.

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