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reactjsHow can I use zxcvbn in a ReactJS project?

To use zxcvbn in a ReactJS project, first install the package with the command npm install zxcvbn.

Once the package is installed, it can be imported into the React project with the following code:

import zxcvbn from 'zxcvbn';

The zxcvbn library can then be used to check the strength of a password with the following code:

let password = 'password123';
let result = zxcvbn(password);

console.log(result.score); // Output: 0

The output of the above code is a score which is an integer between 0 and 4. 0 being the weakest and 4 being the strongest.

The zxcvbn function also returns an object with additional information about the password, such as the time it would take to crack the password and a list of words used in the password.

console.log(result.crack_times_seconds.online_no_throttling_10_per_second); // Output: 8.9
console.log(result.feedback.warning); // Output: 'This is a top-10 common password'

The zxcvbn library also provides a matching function which can be used to check for matches against a list of common passwords.

let matches = zxcvbn.matching('password123', ['password', '123456']);
console.log(matches); // Output: ['password']

The matching function returns an array of any matches found, which can then be used to check if the password is secure.

For more information on zxcvbn, please see the documentation.

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