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sphinxsearchHow do I use SphinxSearch with Python?

SphinxSearch is an open source full-text search engine written in C++. It can be used with Python through the SphinxClient module.

The following example code searches the index for the term "python":

import sphinxapi

# Create the SphinxClient object
client = sphinxapi.SphinxClient()

# Set the server, port, and search query
client.SetServer('localhost', 9312)

# Get the results
results = client.GetResults()

# Print the results
for r in results['matches']:

The output of the example code is a list of attributes associated with the search term:

{'title': 'Python', 'description': 'A programming language'}

The code consists of the following parts:

  1. Import the SphinxClient module
  2. Create a SphinxClient object
  3. Set the server, port, and search query
  4. Get the results
  5. Print the results

For more information, see the SphinxSearch documentation.

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