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sqliteHow can I get the year from a date in SQLite?

To get the year from a date in SQLite, you can use the strftime() function. This function takes a date as an argument and returns a string based on the specified format. To get the year, you can use the %Y format specifier. For example:

SELECT strftime('%Y', '2020-07-15');

Output example


The code above uses the strftime() function with the %Y format specifier to get the year from the date '2020-07-15'.

Code explanation

  1. strftime('%Y', '2020-07-15') - This is the function call which takes the %Y format specifier and the date '2020-07-15' as arguments.

  2. %Y - This is the format specifier which tells the strftime() function to return the year.

Helpful links

  • SQLite strftime() Function - This link provides more information about the strftime() function and the different format specifiers.

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