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sqliteHow do I use the SQLite ZIP VFS to compress a database?

  1. Create a database and connect to it using the sqlite3 module:
    import sqlite3
    conn = sqlite3.connect('mydb.db')
  2. Register the ZIP VFS with SQLite:
    conn.execute('pragma vfs_register(zipvfs);')
  3. Create a ZIP archive of the database:
    conn.execute('pragma zipvfs_save(mydb.zip);')
  4. The database is now compressed in the ZIP archive.

Code explanation

  • sqlite3: A python module used to connect to a SQLite database.
  • conn.execute(): A method used to execute SQLite commands.
  • pragma vfs_register: A SQLite command used to register the ZIP VFS.
  • pragma zipvfs_save: A SQLite command used to compress the database into a ZIP archive.

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