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sqliteHow do I use the SQLite VARCHAR data type?

The SQLite VARCHAR data type is used to store variable-length character strings. It can store up to 1,073,741,824 characters. To use it, you must specify the maximum size of the string you want to store when you create the table. For example:

CREATE TABLE contacts (
  name VARCHAR(50)

This will create a table called contacts with a column called name that can store up to 50 characters.

You can then insert values into the table like this:

INSERT INTO contacts (name) VALUES ('John');

You can also use the VARCHAR data type in SELECT statements. For example:

SELECT name FROM contacts WHERE name LIKE 'J%';

This will return all names from the contacts table that start with the letter J.

You can also use the VARCHAR data type in UPDATE statements. For example:

UPDATE contacts SET name = 'Jane' WHERE name = 'John';

This will update the name column for all rows where the name is John to Jane.

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