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angularjsHow can I use AngularJS to localize my application?

AngularJS provides a built-in localization service called $locale. It can be used to localize your application and make it available in multiple languages.

Example code

// set language
$locale.id = 'es-MX';

// get localized string
var localizedString = $locale.DATETIME_FORMATS.SHORTDAY[0];

Output example


The code above sets the language to Spanish (Mexico), and retrieves the localized string for the first day of the week.

The $locale service provides access to multiple localization-related properties, such as DATETIME_FORMATS, NUMBER_FORMATS, MESSAGES, etc. All of these properties contain localized strings for various elements, such as numbers, dates, times, etc.

Code explanation

  • $locale.id - Sets the language for the application.
  • $locale.DATETIME_FORMATS - Contains localized strings for dates and times.
  • $locale.NUMBER_FORMATS - Contains localized strings for numbers.
  • $locale.MESSAGES - Contains localized strings for messages.

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