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backbone.jsHow can I use backbone.js to implement zoom functionality?

Backbone.js provides a useful library of functions for manipulating the DOM. To implement zoom functionality, we can use the scale function to increase or decrease the size of an element.

For example, to increase the size of an element with the id #zoom-me by a factor of 2, we could use the following code:


The code above would increase the size of the element with the id #zoom-me by a factor of 2.

The code consists of the following parts:

  • $: This is the jQuery selector, which is used to select the element with the id #zoom-me.
  • #zoom-me: This is the id of the element that we are selecting.
  • .scale(2): This is the Backbone.js function that is used to scale the element by a factor of 2.

For more information about the scale function in Backbone.js, please refer to the following link:

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