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cli-tarHow do I convert a gzip file to a tar.gz file?

To convert a gzip file to a tar.gz file, you can use the tar command. The command will create a tar archive with the given gzip file.

For example, if you have a gzip file named myfile.gz, you can use the following command to convert it to a tar.gz file:

tar -zcvf myfile.tar.gz myfile.gz

The command will create a tar.gz file named myfile.tar.gz with the contents of myfile.gz.

The command consists of the following parts:

  • tar: The command for creating a tar archive
  • -zcvf: The flags for creating a gzip-compressed tar archive
  • myfile.tar.gz: The name of the tar.gz file to be created
  • myfile.gz: The name of the gzip file to be converted

For more information, see the tar command man page.

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