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cli-tarHow do I create a tar.zip file in Unix?

Creating a tar.zip file in Unix is a two-step process that involves compressing the files with tar and then compressing the tar archive with gzip.

To create a tar.zip file, run the following command in the terminal:

tar -czvf <file_name>.tar.gz <directory_name>

This command will create a tar archive of the specified directory and then compress it with gzip.

The command has four parts:

  1. tar: The command to create an archive.
  2. -czvf: Flags to tell tar to compress the archive with gzip and to create a file.
  3. <file_name>.tar.gz: The name of the archive file.
  4. <directory_name>: The directory to be archived.

For example, to create a tar.zip file of the my_directory directory, run

tar -czvf my_archive.tar.gz my_directory

This will create a file called my_archive.tar.gz containing the contents of the my_directory directory.

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