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cli-tarHow do I decompress a tar.gz file using the command line?

Decompressing a tar.gz file using the command line is a simple process.

The basic command to use is tar -xzvf <filename.tar.gz>, where <filename.tar.gz> is the name of the file you are decompressing.

For example, if the file you are decompressing is called example.tar.gz, you would use the command:

tar -xzvf example.tar.gz

This command will output a list of the files that are being decompressed:

x example/
x example/file1.txt
x example/file2.txt

The -x flag tells tar to extract the files. The -z flag tells tar to decompress the file using gzip compression. The -v flag stands for verbose, which means it will output the list of files it is extracting. The -f flag tells tar which file to extract from.

You can find more information about the tar command here.

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