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cli-tarHow do I tar and gzip multiple files at once?

The tar and gzip commands can be used together to compress multiple files at once.

To do this, use the following syntax:

tar czvf <archive-name.tar.gz> <file1> <file2> <file3> ...

Where <archive-name.tar.gz> is the name of the resulting archive, and <file1> <file2> <file3> ... is a list of files to be compressed.

For example, the following command will compress the file1.txt, file2.txt, and file3.txt files into a single archive.tar.gz file:

tar czvf archive.tar.gz file1.txt file2.txt file3.txt

The c flag tells tar to create an archive, the z flag tells it to compress the archive with gzip, the v flag tells it to be verbose (i.e. display progress information), and the f flag tells it to use the following argument as the archive name.

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