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cli-tarHow do I unzip a tar file in the terminal?

To unzip a tar file in the terminal, start by navigating to the directory containing the file. This can be done with the cd command.

For example, if the file is in the Downloads directory:

cd Downloads

Next, use the tar command to unzip the file. The syntax for this is tar -xvf <filename>.

For example, if the file is called example.tar:

tar -xvf example.tar

This command will extract the contents of the tar file into the current directory.

The parts of the command are as follows:

  • tar: the tar command
  • -x: the option to extract files
  • -v: the option to display the progress of the extraction
  • -f: the option to specify the filename
  • example.tar: the filename of the tar file

If you need more information about the tar command, you can find it in the GNU tar manual.

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