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cli-tarHow do I use a gzip tar ball?

A gzip tarball is a file that contains multiple files and folders that have been compressed together into a single file. To use a gzip tarball, you first need to extract it using the tar command.

The syntax for extracting a gzip tarball is as follows:

tar -xzvf <tarball-name>.tar.gz

This command will extract the contents of the tarball into the current directory.

The parts of the command are as follows:

  • -x: extract files from the tarball
  • -z: use gzip to decompress the tarball
  • -v: verbose output (optional)
  • -f: use the following file as the tarball

For example, if the tarball is called example.tar.gz, the command would look like this:

tar -xzvf example.tar.gz

This command will create a new folder containing the files and folders contained in the tarball.

For more information about using tarballs, see the GNU tar manual.

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