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cli-tarHow do I use gzip to compress a tar file on Windows?

Using gzip to compress a tar file on Windows is possible with the help of 7-Zip. The following example code demonstrates how to compress a tar file named example.tar into a gzip file named example.tar.gz:

7z a -tgzip example.tar.gz example.tar

The above command will compress example.tar into example.tar.gz using gzip compression.

The parts of the command are as follows:

  • 7z: The 7-Zip command line executable
  • a: The “add” command, which adds files to an archive
  • -tgzip: The “use gzip” command, which tells 7-Zip to use gzip compression
  • example.tar.gz: The name of the gzip archive to be created
  • example.tar: The name of the tar file to be compressed

For more information on using 7-Zip from the command line, see the 7-Zip Command Line Documentation.

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