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cli-tarHow do I use gzip to tar a file on Linux?

To use gzip to tar a file on Linux, first you need to install the gzip package if not already installed. This can be done by running the command sudo apt-get install gzip or sudo yum install gzip.

Once the gzip package is installed, you can use the tar command to tar a file. The syntax for this command is tar -zcvf <filename>.tar.gz <file to be tarred>. For example, to tar the file test.txt, you would use the command tar -zcvf test.tar.gz test.txt.

The flags used in the command are:

  • z: Compress the tar file using gzip
  • c: Create a new tar archive
  • v: Verbosely list files which are processed
  • f: Use archive file or device <filename>

After the command is complete, you will have a tarball named test.tar.gz which contains the file test.txt.

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