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cli-tarHow do I use tar gzip to compress files at a specific level?

tar is a command line tool used to create, modify, and extract archives. gzip is a compression algorithm used to compress files. To use tar and gzip to compress files at a specific level, you can use the following command:

tar -zcvf archive-name.tar.gz -C /path/to/files level
  • tar: command to create and modify archives
  • -z: flag to compress the archive using gzip
  • -c: flag to create an archive
  • -v: flag to enable verbose output
  • -f: flag to specify the name of the archive
  • -C: flag to specify the directory to archive
  • level: the compression level (1-9)

This command will create an archive named archive-name.tar.gz in the current directory, and compress the files in the /path/to/files directory at the specified compression level.

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