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cli-tarHow do I use the command line to create a backup tar file?

To create a backup tar file using the command line, you can use the tar command. The basic syntax is tar -czf <filename>.tar.gz <source_directory>. This will create a compressed tar file from the source directory.

For example, to create a tar file from the directory /home/user/Documents with the filename backup.tar.gz, you can use the command:

tar -czf backup.tar.gz /home/user/Documents

The parts of the command are:

  • tar: the tar command
  • -czf: flags to set the compression level, create a tar file, and specify the filename
  • backup.tar.gz: the filename of the tar file to be created
  • /home/user/Documents: the source directory to be backed up

If the command is successful, no output will be shown. To verify that the tar file was created, you can use the ls command to list the files in the directory.

For more information about the tar command, you can refer to the GNU tar manual.

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