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cli-tarHow do I use the command line to tar a folder?

Using the command line to tar a folder is a simple process.

First, navigate to the folder you wish to tar using the cd command. Then, use the tar command to create a tar archive. The syntax for this command is as follows: tar -cvf <name_of_tar_archive>.tar <name_of_folder_to_tar>. For example, to create a tar archive of a folder named 'my_folder', the command would be:

tar -cvf my_folder.tar my_folder

This command will create a tar archive named my_folder.tar in the current directory.

The parts of this command are as follows:

  • tar: The tar command is used to create archives of files.
  • -cvf: This is a set of flags used to indicate the action (create archive) and the format (tar).
  • my_folder.tar: This is the name of the tar archive that will be created.
  • my_folder: This is the name of the folder that will be archived.

For more information on using the tar command, see the GNU tar manual.

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