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cli-tarHow do I use the tar command in Linux?

The tar command is a Linux utility used to create and manipulate archive files. It stands for Tape Archive and is used to store multiple files and directories in a single file.

To use the tar command, you need to provide it with the options and arguments that tell it what to do.

For example, to create an archive file from a directory, you can use the following command:

tar -cvf archive_name.tar directory_name

This command will create a tar archive called archive_name.tar from the directory_name directory.

To extract the content of an archive file, you can use the following command:

tar -xvf archive_name.tar

This command will extract the content of archive_name.tar into the current directory.

The tar command has many options and arguments that can be used to control its behavior. For more information, you can consult the manual page (man tar) or the following links:

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