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cli-tarHow do I use the tar command in Windows?

The tar command can be used in Windows to create, modify, and extract files from an archive. To use the tar command in Windows, you will need to install the GNU Tar for Windows.

Once you have installed GNU Tar, you can use the tar command from the command line. For example, the following command will create an archive of a file called example.txt:

tar -cvf example.tar example.txt

The command options are as follows:

  • -c: Create an archive
  • -v: Verbose output
  • -f: Name of the archive

The output of the command will be the name of the archive created, in this case example.tar.

To extract the contents of the archive, use the -x option instead:

tar -xvf example.tar

The output of this command will be the contents of the archive.

For more information on using tar in Windows, see the GNU Tar documentation.

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