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cli-tarHow do I use the Unix tar gz command?

The tar gz command is used in Unix to create a compressed archive file, also known as a tarball. It combines multiple files into one file and compresses them using the gzip algorithm.

To use the tar gz command, you must specify the operation to perform (c for create, x for extract, t for list), the compression format (z for gzip compression), and the name of the archive file.

For example, to create a compressed archive of the /home/user/files directory, you would run the following command:

tar czf archive.tar.gz /home/user/files

The command above will create a file named archive.tar.gz in the current working directory.

The parts of the command are as follows:

  • tar: the command to create, extract, or list a tarball
  • c: the operation to perform (create a tarball)
  • z: the compression format (gzip)
  • f: the flag to specify the name of the archive
  • archive.tar.gz: the name of the archive to create
  • /home/user/files: the directory to compress

For more information about the tar gz command, please see the GNU tar manual.

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