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cli-tarHow do I view the header of a tar.gz file?

You can view the header of a tar.gz file using the command line tool tar. This command allows you to view the contents of a tar file without extracting it.

The -t flag is used to list the contents of the tar file, and the -v flag is used to view the header information.

For example:

$ tar -tvf myfile.tar.gz
-rw-r--r--  0 user  staff  1234 Jan 01 00:00 myfile.txt

The output of the command will show the header information of the file, including the file permissions, user and group ownership, size, and date modified.

The full syntax for the tar command is as follows:

tar [OPTION...] [FILE]

Where [OPTION...] can include any of the following flags:

  • -t: List the contents of an archive
  • -v: Verbosely list files processed
  • -f: Use archive file or device ARCHIVE

For more information on the tar command, please refer to the GNU tar manual.

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