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javascript-lodashHow can I use Lodash to uppercase the first letter of a string in JavaScript?

Using Lodash, you can uppercase the first letter of a string in JavaScript with the _.startCase() method. This method will take a string or array of strings and capitalize the first letter of each word in the string.


let str = 'lodash is awesome';
let result = _.startCase(str);

console.log(result); // 'Lodash Is Awesome'

The output of the above code would be:

Lodash Is Awesome

The code consists of three parts:

  1. The let str = 'lodash is awesome' statement declares a variable str and assigns it the value of the string lodash is awesome.
  2. The let result = _.startCase(str) statement calls the Lodash _.startCase() method on the str variable and assigns the result to the result variable.
  3. The console.log(result) statement logs the value of the result variable to the console.

For more information on the _.startCase() method, please refer to the Lodash documentation.

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