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javascript-polymerHow can I use a Polymer JavaScript function?

Polymer JavaScript functions are a type of reusable code that can be used to perform a variety of tasks. To use a Polymer JavaScript function, you must first declare it in the HTML file, and then call it in the JavaScript file.

An example of a Polymer JavaScript function is as follows:

  function myFunction(a, b) {
    return a + b;

This function takes two parameters, a and b, and returns the sum of a and b. To call this function, you would use the following code:

  var result = myFunction(1, 2);
  console.log(result); // 3

In this example, the myFunction function is called with parameters 1 and 2. The result of the function is then stored in the result variable, and logged to the console.

The parts of the code are as follows:

  • function myFunction(a, b) - This declares the function myFunction, which takes two parameters, a and b.
  • return a + b - This is the body of the myFunction function, which returns the sum of a and b.
  • var result = myFunction(1, 2) - This calls the myFunction function, passing in the parameters 1 and 2, and stores the result in the result variable.
  • console.log(result) - This logs the value of the result variable to the console.

For more information on Polymer JavaScript functions, see Polymer documentation.

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