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mongodbHow to empty an array in MongoDB?

To empty an array in MongoDB, you can use the $unset operator. This operator will remove the specified field from the document.

For example, to empty the tags array in the document { _id: 1, tags: ["a", "b", "c"] }, you can use the following command:

db.collection.update({ _id: 1 }, { $unset: { tags: "" } })

The command above will result in the following document:

{ _id: 1 }

The command consists of the following parts:

  • db.collection.update: This is the command used to update a document in MongoDB.
  • { _id: 1 }: This is the filter used to identify the document to be updated.
  • { $unset: { tags: "" } }: This is the update operator used to remove the tags field from the document.

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