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php-regexHow to use PHP regex to match a year?

To use PHP regex to match a year, you can use the following code:

$year = preg_match('/\d{4}/', $string);

This will return 1 if the string contains a 4-digit year, or 0 if it does not.

The code consists of the following parts:

  • preg_match(): This is a PHP function that performs a regular expression match.
  • /\d{4}/: This is the regular expression pattern used to match a 4-digit year. The \d character class matches any digit, and the {4} quantifier specifies that exactly 4 digits must be matched.
  • $string: This is the string that will be searched for a 4-digit year.

For more information on using regular expressions in PHP, see the PHP documentation.

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