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php-regexHow to use PHP regex to match a zip code?

PHP regex can be used to match a zip code. The following example code block uses the preg_match() function to match a zip code with 5 digits:

$zip_code = '12345';
if (preg_match('/^\d{5}$/', $zip_code)) {
    echo 'Zip code is valid';
} else {
    echo 'Zip code is invalid';

The output of the example code is:

Zip code is valid

Code explanation

  • /^\d{5}$/: This is the regular expression used to match a zip code with 5 digits. The ^ and $ symbols indicate the start and end of the string respectively, and \d matches any digit. The {5} indicates that the preceding character (\d) should be matched 5 times.
  • preg_match(): This is the PHP function used to match a regular expression against a string. It takes two parameters: the regular expression and the string to match against.

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