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phpunitHow to mock a method with different arguments in PHPUnit?

PHPUnit provides a powerful mocking framework that allows us to mock methods with different arguments. We can use the expects() method to specify the arguments that the mocked method should expect. For example:

$mock = $this->getMockBuilder('MyClass')

     ->with($this->equalTo('arg1'), $this->equalTo('arg2'));

This will ensure that the myMethod method is called with the arguments arg1 and arg2.

Code explanation

  1. $mock = $this->getMockBuilder('MyClass') ->setMethods(['myMethod']) ->getMock(); - This creates a mock object of the class MyClass and sets the myMethod method as the only method to be mocked.

  2. $mock->expects($this->once()) ->method('myMethod') ->with($this->equalTo('arg1'), $this->equalTo('arg2')); - This specifies that the myMethod method should be called with the arguments arg1 and arg2.

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