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python-kerasHow can I use YOLO with Python and Keras?

You can use YOLO with Python and Keras by using the YOLOv3 implementation available in the Keras-OpenCV repository. This implementation is based on the original YOLOv3 paper by Redmon et al.

Here is an example code block that shows how to use YOLO with Python and Keras:

# import the necessary packages
from keras_yolo3.yolo import YOLO

# initialize the YOLO object
yolo = YOLO()

# load the image
image = load_img("example.jpg")

# detect objects in the image
boxes, class_ids, scores = yolo.detect_image(image)

# draw the boxes on the image
yolo.draw_boxes(image, boxes, class_ids, scores)

# show the image

Code explanation

  1. Import the necessary packages from the Keras-OpenCV repository.
  2. Initialize the YOLO object.
  3. Load the image.
  4. Detect objects in the image.
  5. Draw the boxes on the image.
  6. Show the image.

The output of the code should be an image with the boxes drawn around the detected objects.

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