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python-kerasHow to load a model in Python Keras?

Loading a model in Python Keras is a simple process. The following example code block loads a model from a JSON file:

from keras.models import model_from_json

# load json and create model
json_file = open('model.json', 'r')
loaded_model_json = json_file.read()
loaded_model = model_from_json(loaded_model_json)

# load weights into new model
print("Loaded model from disk")

The output of this code block will be: Loaded model from disk

Code explanation

  1. from keras.models import model_from_json: This imports the model_from_json function from the Keras library.

  2. json_file = open('model.json', 'r'): This opens the model.json file in read mode.

  3. loaded_model_json = json_file.read(): This reads the contents of the model.json file.

  4. json_file.close(): This closes the model.json file.

  5. loaded_model = model_from_json(loaded_model_json): This creates a model from the model.json file.

  6. loaded_model.load_weights("model.h5"): This loads the weights from the model.h5 file into the model.

  7. print("Loaded model from disk"): This prints the message Loaded model from disk when the model is successfully loaded.

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