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python-pytorchHow do I use Pytorch with Python 3.11 on Windows?

To use PyTorch with Python 3.11 on Windows, you will need to install both Python 3.11 and PyTorch.

  1. Install Python 3.11: You can install Python 3.11 from the Python downloads page. Make sure you download the version for Windows.

  2. Install PyTorch: You can install PyTorch from the PyTorch downloads page. Make sure you select the correct version of Python and Windows.

  3. Verify Installation: Once both Python 3.11 and PyTorch are installed, you can verify that everything is working correctly by running the following code in the Python interpreter:

import torch

Output example


You should see the version of PyTorch that you have installed printed out.

Now you should be able to use PyTorch with Python 3.11 on Windows.

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