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python-regexHow to replace a certain group using Python regex?

Regex (regular expressions) can be used to replace a certain group of characters in a string using Python. To do this, the re.sub() function can be used. This function takes three arguments: the pattern to search for, the replacement string, and the string to search in.

Example code

import re

string = "Hello World!"

new_string = re.sub("World", "Universe", string)


Output example

Hello Universe!

Code explanation

  • import re: imports the re module which contains the re.sub() function
  • string = "Hello World!": assigns the string to be searched to the string variable
  • new_string = re.sub("World", "Universe", string): uses the re.sub() function to search for the pattern World in the string variable and replace it with Universe
  • print(new_string): prints the new string with the replaced pattern

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