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python-scipyHow do I use Python Scipy to perform a Z test?

Scipy is a library for scientific computing in Python. It provides functions for performing various statistical tests, including the Z-test.

To use Scipy to perform a Z-test, you will need to import the stats module. This module contains the ztest function which can be used to perform the Z-test.

from scipy import stats

z_score, p_value = stats.ztest(x1, x2)

The ztest function takes two arguments, x1 and x2 which are the two samples being compared. It returns two values, the z_score and the p_value. The z_score is the standardized test statistic and the p_value is the probability of obtaining the observed results, given that the null hypothesis is true.

Code explanation

  1. from scipy import stats - imports the stats module from the Scipy library.
  2. z_score, p_value = stats.ztest(x1, x2) - calls the ztest function from the stats module, passing in two samples x1 and x2 as arguments. It returns two values, z_score and p_value.

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