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rustHow to replace all matches using Rust regex?

Regex in Rust can be used to replace all matches with the replace_all method. This method takes a string and a closure as parameters. The closure is used to determine what the replacement string should be.

Example code

let re = Regex::new(r"(\w+)").unwrap();
let text = "Hello world";
let result = re.replace_all(text, |caps: &Captures| {
    let word = &caps[1];
    format!("{}!", word)

Output example

Hello! world!

Code explanation

  • Regex::new(r"(\w+)"): creates a new Regex object with the given pattern.
  • replace_all(text, |caps: &Captures| {...}): replaces all matches of the Regex object with the given closure. The closure takes a Captures object as parameter, which contains the matched strings.
  • &caps[1]: gets the first matched string from the Captures object.
  • format!("{}!", word): creates a new string with the given format.

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