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rustHow to use regex to match a double quote in Rust?

To match a double quote in Rust, you can use the regex crate. The regex crate provides a powerful way to match strings using regular expressions.

Example code

use regex::Regex;

let re = Regex::new(r#""#).unwrap();

let text = "This is a \"test\" string";


Output example


Code explanation

  1. use regex::Regex;: This imports the Regex type from the regex crate.

  2. let re = Regex::new(r#""#).unwrap();: This creates a new Regex object from the given regular expression. The r#""# syntax is used to create a raw string literal, which allows us to use double quotes without escaping them.

  3. let text = "This is a \"test\" string";: This creates a string that contains a double quote.

  4. assert!(re.is_match(text));: This uses the is_match method of the Regex object to check if the given string matches the regular expression.

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