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rustRegex example to match multiline string in Rust?

Regex (Regular Expressions) is a powerful tool for matching patterns in strings. In Rust, the regex crate provides a library for creating and using regular expressions.

The following example shows how to match a multiline string in Rust using the regex crate:

use regex::Regex;

let re = Regex::new(r"(?m)^.*$").unwrap();
let text = "This is
a multiline

for line in re.captures_iter(text) {
    println!("{}", line[0]);

Output example

This is
a multiline

The code consists of the following parts:

  1. use regex::Regex;: This imports the Regex type from the regex crate.
  2. let re = Regex::new(r"(?m)^.*$").unwrap();: This creates a new Regex object from the given pattern. The (?m) flag enables multiline mode, which allows the pattern to match across multiple lines. The ^.*$ pattern matches any line of text.
  3. let text = "This is a multiline string";: This creates a string containing multiple lines of text.
  4. for line in re.captures_iter(text) {: This iterates over all the lines in the text, capturing each line in a Captures object.
  5. println!("{}", line[0]);: This prints the captured line.

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