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rustHow to use the global flag in a Rust regex?

The global flag in Rust regex is used to indicate that the pattern should be applied to all occurrences in the string. To use the global flag, the g flag should be added to the end of the regex pattern.

Example code

let re = Regex::new(r"\d+").unwrap();
let text = "123 456 789";
let mut iter = re.captures_iter(text);

while let Some(cap) = iter.next() {
    println!("{}", &cap[0]);

Output example


Code explanation

  • let re = Regex::new(r"\d+").unwrap();: This line creates a new Regex object with the pattern \d+ which matches one or more digits.
  • let text = "123 456 789";: This line creates a string with the text to be matched.
  • let mut iter = re.captures_iter(text);: This line creates an iterator over the captures of the regex pattern in the text.
  • while let Some(cap) = iter.next() {: This line starts a loop that will iterate over the captures of the regex pattern in the text.
  • println!("{}", &cap[0]);: This line prints the capture of the regex pattern in the text.

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