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sphinxsearchHow can I use Sphinx search on Laravel?

Sphinx Search can be used with Laravel through the Laravel-Sphinx package. This package provides a SphinxQL query builder for Laravel, which allows for more efficient and expressive search queries.

To install the package, you can use the following command:

composer require rtconner/laravel-sphinx

Once installed, you can use the SphinxQL class to create query objects. These query objects can be used to search your Sphinx index. For example, the following code will search for any records with the word “Laravel” in the title field:

$results = SphinxQL::query()
    ->where('title', '=', 'Laravel')

The $results variable will contain an array of objects that match the search query. The SphinxQL class also provides other methods for more complex search queries, such as whereIn() and whereBetween().

For more detailed information on using Sphinx Search with Laravel, please refer to the following links:

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