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sqliteHow can I use SQLite with Zabbix?

SQLite is a lightweight database management system that can be used with Zabbix to store and manage data.

The following steps can be used to set up SQLite with Zabbix:

  1. Install the SQLite package for your operating system.

  2. Create a database and tables for your Zabbix data.

  3. Configure the Zabbix server to use the SQLite database.

  4. Connect to the SQLite database from the Zabbix server.

Example code

# Connect to the SQLite database
$sqlite3 zabbix_database.db

# Create a table for Zabbix data
CREATE TABLE zabbix_data (
    data VARCHAR(255)

# Insert some data into the table
INSERT INTO zabbix_data (data) VALUES ('Zabbix data 1');
INSERT INTO zabbix_data (data) VALUES ('Zabbix data 2');

# Query the table
SELECT * FROM zabbix_data;

Output example

1|Zabbix data 1
2|Zabbix data 2
  1. Create triggers and stored procedures to manage and manipulate the data in the database.

  2. Configure the Zabbix web interface to access the data from the SQLite database.

  3. Test the setup and ensure that data is being properly stored and retrieved.

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